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Monday, June 24, 2024

Ear Candling


Ear Candling is beneficial for:
• Ear Aches
• Sinus Congestion
• Headaches/migraines
• Allergies
• Tinnitis
• Clears excess wax from the ears

Benefits of Ear Candling:
• Can improve hearing ability
• Can improve sense of balance
• Helps prevent chronic ear infections
• Can reduce ear pressure during air travel

What does an Ear Candler do?
A hollow wax candle, shared as a narrow cone, is placed in the ear. The end of this candle, remote from the ear is lighted; this creates a vacuum which gently draws out the wax, fluid and congestion into the cone. As the candle burns, gentle massage to the face and neck improves treatment results. This is very soothing, relaxing, safe and pain free.

Both Pat & Laura are certified Auricular Ear Candlers

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